Sally PantyFace (chicvicious66) wrote,
Sally PantyFace

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Im looking for....

Indecent People With a Strong Sense of Decency. Someone who likes to snarl and make-out while dancing to "In Dreams" by Roy Orbison. Someone who, in that same circumstance, would find the overpowering scent of Johnny Walker "charming." Someone, in that same circumstance, who doesn't necessarily _look_ strong enough to keep me from tipping over while drunk, but who nevertheless is. Someone, in that same circumstance, who understands the basic engineering principle that two drunk, well-dressed people, leaning _towards_ each other, _can_ actually dance and make-out to "In Dreams" by Roy Orbison without falling over. Someone, in that same circumstance, who, should we fall over, will start laughing hysterically with absolutely no regard for the inevitable and enormous, purple-yellow-green butt-bruise that will develop at the same rate as the equally inevitable crushing hangover. Someone who, in that same circumstance, can wake up the next morning in a fog of smeared make-up, staggering pain and wrinkled party-clothes, make eye-contact, and start chuckling like a supervillain.

Love is an empty shot glass.....

good times today.
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