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Sally Panty Face

The Epic Story of the Face behind the Panty

Sally PantyFace
3 April
2001 space odyssey, 8 tracks, 924 gilman, a clockwork orange, absinthe, acting, alkaline trio, anti-flag, anti-racist action, aquabats, art, art cars, bad religion, bat wings, bdsm, being goofy, berkeley, bisexuals, black eyeliner, black flag, bondage, bondage pants, boots, burlesque, captain chreehos, cartoons, cemeteries, cheap clothes, cherry poppin' daddies, commander angel nova, community beds, cooties, corporal joebot, creepy stuff, critical mass, cutting hair, danny elfman, diy, diy clothes, dropkick murphys, earth, fantasy, fashion, fishnets, flogging molly, forensic investigation, francesca lia block, freaks, g is us, gisus, goggles, graffiti, greasers, grunge, guitar, guys in eyeliner, halloween, handcuffs, harassing random people, hellbillys, history, hunter s. thompson, janis joplin, lampy, lepord print, lucid dreaming, mad scientists, major jimmy boom, masturbation, midnight bike rides, monty python, moulin rouge, music, musicals, nekromantix, nightmare before christmas, old movies, operation ivy, parties, pez, photography, piercings, pirates, plays, porn, professor greg, psychobilly, punk, rain, rancid, red gummy bears, revolution, riding my bike, rings, riot grrrls, roadside phantoms, rock, rockabilly, rocket roll, sam rockwell, san francisco, science and honor, shows, singing along, ska, skanking, social distortion, socialism, spikes, stars, sublime, suburban legends, swing, synthesizers, system of a down, tattoos, the aquabats, the command center, the daily show, the epoxies, the misfits, the muppets, the ocean, the phenomabomber, the phenomacrew, the phenomenator, the phenomenauts, the phoenix theater, the potty party, the ramones, the specials, the teenage harlets, the teenage harlots, the toasters, thee merry widows, thigh-high stockings, thrift stores, tim armstrong, tim burton, upright bass, vintage, vintage clothes, working on cars, zines, zombies, zoot suits