Sally PantyFace (chicvicious66) wrote,
Sally PantyFace

Favorite Band Of All Time: So many, it hurts
First Album You Bought (with your own money): like, hanson or something…I was alittle kid leave me alone
Last Album You Purchased: Nekromantix-Demons are a Girls Best friend
Favorite Guilty Pleasure Band(s): don’t really have many of those…well..yes I do
Favorite Pissed Off Band(s):  the casualties? Thts the only CD I can think of that’s all “Rawrg! We’re pissed off”oh yes, and the God Awfuls. Favorite Chill Out Band(s): old no doubt
Favorite Rainy Day/Depressed Band(s): new no doubt *so kidding* I dunno
Favorite Happy Band(s): the Killers, That Ska CD P-town Kenin gave me. The shins( I think thats their name)
Favorite Band(s) That No Longer Exist: Jack off Jill and some others
Favorite Hipster Band(s): um…..?
Favorite Band(s) When You Were 14: ….Good Charlotte…
16: I listend to bands like Fear, TSOL, and the casualties when I was 16, I was way into like the punk shiznit. other than that, I listen to some of the same stuff
You Wish You'd Never Listened To: Good Charlotte
Band(s) That No One Else Likes: ….who likes that ska bullshit anyway…HAHAHAHA………
Band(s) That Makes You Dance: The Nekomantix, some Floging Molly, some Phenomenauts, uh, some ska tunes
Favorite Pop Band(s):  n/a
Favorite Band(s) To Jam To: must of the bands I listen to
Favorite Band(s) To Get High By: hah um...Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, and of course sublime
Band(s) You Love To Hate: Ashlee Simpson, Maroon 5, Simple Plan, Avril, and that Emo b.s.
Favorite Band(s) Your Parents Listened To: The Beatles, the Stones and the Doors
Best Live Band(s): uh…I like the phenomenauts live
First Concert You Went To (without your parents): Metallica at the ripe old age of 8 (My big bro was there)
Last Concert You Went To: The Slackers and the Phenomenauts
Concert(s) You Missed But Wanted To See: eh, theres always one I guess. whatev
Favorite Local Band(s): The Phenomenauts, Thee Merry Widows, The Roadside Phantoms and many others
Favorite Band(s) With A Message: 
Best Lyrics:
Best Instrumentals: well Rasputina of course! (can I get an amen?)
What you're listening to right now: Horror Pops



Im gonna do yoga with caitlin! stoked like whoa


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