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seven deadly sins

why such a cool subject when Im about to type a world of nothing cool?
alas, I know not. perhaps I'll use it later.

I got quite wet today, which sucked because my umbrella effing broke, so i was pissy, cold, wet and tired all day.
but I hung out with caitlin at lunch which made me happy
see -----------> :)

um, had to go to a jam thing a lingy and that was fun even though we were compensating for the fact that we were cold...with our own special way....

so yeah, homecomming skirt is this close to done ;;puts fingers close togther:: I just need to work with the tulle now.

I think Im just gonna get to school earley-ish (like during 1st) so i can get some work done before tutorial. and work on gettin a warm thing togther so i dont freeze tomorrow.

I really hate walkin to school in the rain.
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